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         Starting with a simple trading post on the Miami River in 1870, William and Mary Brickell set the ground work and transformed an area of Miami into what is now known as the “Manhattan of the South”. While it was a collective vision between the two that saw vast potential in the area, Mary’s drive was the force behind the rapid development especially after her husband passed away in 1908. The Brickell Family owned vast amounts of land but perhaps their greatest footprint was a stretch of waterfront land from Coconut Grove to the Miami River. Mary developed the land with the idea to make it into what it still stands to be today, premier Miami real estate. The stretch of mansions and estates that soon populated that area became known as “Millionaires Row”.


Millionaires row brickell present history



          Little evidence is left of the monstrous houses that once overlooked the rest of Miami but Mary’s dream lives on. The area has emerged as the epicenter of business and weath in Miami just as it was back in early 1900's. Mansions gave way to awe-inspiring skyscrapers that now contain the largest collection of international banks in the United States. As with business, the area also contains a fast growing urban environment that possesses Miami’s trendiest area for nightlife.


Current Milionaries Row. Four seasons overshadows






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