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What Area is Right For My Family



Choosing the right area for your family is a significant step that deserves much thought. Miami is bursting with extraordinary areas that are all unique in their own way. While many locations may fit your initial desires, here are some key topics to keep in mind.


Price Range

First and forth most, affordability is an essential topic that must be addressed. Understanding what you can safely afford and what markets offer homes at that level is important in avoiding loss of both your time and money. Countless individuals have had to pull out of contracts due to financing issues that could have been solved by a simple phone call to a mortgage representative. The next step is to find a market that fits you and falls into the price range given to you. Prices have fallen over 50% in most markets allowing those areas to be available to more people. Click to contact me about a free market update in markets specifically chosen by you.   



While Miami is not known for its traffic as well as other large cities such as Los Angles, Atlanta, New York, or Chicago, your commute is something to take into account. Some individuals do not mind a long commute while others are frustrated after only 15 minutes. Use Google Maps to judge distance and more importantly time between work, school, family, or any other significant location then drive the route during rush hour to see the worst case scenario. Better to spend an hour in research than years in misery.



Curious about what public school your child or teen might attend or what private schools are in the area? Look no further. Below are links to find any information you may need to decide where is best for your family. Find a School.



Miami is well known worldwide for its weather. There are very few cities in which you can spend your days at the beach swimming or at a park watching your child swing on a playground in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of December. If being outdoors is important to you, make sure you are near some of the thriving parks Miami can offer you. Search through yelp (here) to see reviews on the top rated parks near you.




Entertainment is another quality Miami is known for. Whether your idea of an exceptional time is a night at the comedy clubs, movie theaters, quality restaurants, Dance clubs, or sporting events, we have something for everyone. Discover what interests are near your desired areas by clicking any of the links above.  




Whether you like to browse or get in and out as quickly as possible, Miami has numerous malls to fit your needs. Find which malls are close to you (here) and which Publix grocery stores are in your area below.

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